Resources - Current Tools

These are not exhaustive lists and additional tools and equipment is constantly being added:



  • Table saw

  • Mitre saw

  • Band saw

  • Scroll saw

  • Wood lathes

  • Planer and thicknesser

  • Milling machine

  • Hand tools including claw hammers, utility knives, chisels, levels, screwdrivers, nail sets, clamps, layout squares, drill sets etc.

  • Power tools including sanders, drills, grinders, heat guns etc

Metal work

  • Drill press

  • Metal vices and saws

  • Punches

  • Calipers

  • Metal nibbler


  • This area is currently under development


  • One computer running Windows 10

  • One computer running Ubuntu Linux


  • Lunchroom

  • Small project library

  • Male and female toilets

Safety Equipment

  • Hearing and eye protection

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