A Community Shed is a place for ...

It is a place for hobbies and community projects, social interaction and mentoring for the whole community. 

Mens sheds, started in USA, now in Australia and New Zealand, are a Not for Profit voluntary collective organisation, that has become a recognised social service for the wider community,  supported by Health Services and local councils. 

The original concept was conceived for when men and women retire, or sell down, to be able to join an organisation and carry on their hobbies. 

The opportunity to continue hobby interests is the nucleus factor, our ‘meet-up’ site attracts a wide range of interested people, and the social benefits for older single people is endorsed by welfare organisations.

The national body is menzshed.org.nz











The goals of the Auckland Central Community Shed (Inc) are to create a welcoming, friendly environment where people from the community can come together and continue their hobbies and get involved in other projects too. It’s a place to share skills and perhaps learn new ones ... or at times a place to just come for a chat and a cuppa.

Auckland Central Community Shed (Inc) was originally set up in 2015 as part of  a local community initiative and was called The Gribblehirst Community Hub Trust. The Shed has now separated from that Trust and has formed The Auckland Central Community Shed Incorporated. The Shed occupies the ground floor of the building and the Hub occupies the first floor. 

Introduction to the Auckland Central Community Shed


As part of becoming a member of this Shed, you'll be shown around the facilities plus we have some basic ground rules to build a happy, productive and safe community.

  • Work areas, tools, machinery and equipment

  • Toilets, lunchroom, lockers 

  • The Shed is a Community Group, a Cooperative, it is not a Service

  • As a member you are expected to spend at least a part of your time at the Shed on Shed up-keep and Community Projects. (See list at the sign-in desk)

  • Essentially you provide your own materials for your project. The Shed provides, glue (PVA only) , screws and nails (only to supplement), and sandpaper. Wood finishes, polyurethane and paint (when available). Members can use odd pieces of wood to supplement their own supply (see the Duty Manager). For larger amounts of wood, a negotiated donation is expected

  • Clean-up after yourself

  • Return tools to where you got them

  • If you use ‘stuff’ put it back

  • Return Machinery to default / original position i.e. drop saw back to 90 degrees

  • No tools are to leave the Shed (please don’t ask, it makes it awkward for everyone)

  • Machinery and tools may not always be perfect - if you notice something that is not right please tell the Duty Manager and fix if you are able to.

  • If you are unfamiliar with machinery ask the Duty Manager and he will personally help or he will direct you to someone who most likely can

  • Temporary storage of your project (one month maximum), name and date it

  • If you see someone using machinery in an unsafe way tell them or the Duty Manager or both. Let's keep everyone safe

  • Break something? Accidents happen, let the Duty Manager know. Nobody likes to go to use a machine and find its broken

  • Morning Tea and catch-up time 11:15 to 11:45am

  • Working bees

Expectations of Members

  • To work cooperatively, sharing the space and considering the effects you may be imposing on others, sound, dust and access.

  • To care for our equipment as if it were their own and maintain the tools and machinery in the best condition possible.

  • To share the workload and help build a friendly environment.

  • To be tidy and respect the work of others in maintaining the workshop areas

  • To help take care of the environment in the immediate surroundings


Retirement for me, at first, was great but increasingly it became like I was a tourist and was simply being an observer of life.  Now that I am involved with the Shed I feel more a sense of purpose and that I am contributing my experience, skills and abilities in a meaningful way. 


A great place to make stuff and get help from the guys ... and I like the friendly atmosphere here too.  Alana

I have a passion for wood and the Shed is THE place to get help so I can make my creations.


I needed a space to do my scooter maintenance as I am currently living in a flat.  I also want to learn about engineering and be able to make components on specialised machinery.


Now that I have down-sized, the Shed provides the space and equipment that I don't have at home.


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