The Shed is open to Members under Level 1 restrictions.  These include:

1.  If you're sick.   Staying at home if you’re sick is especially important at Alert Level 1. The risk of COVID-19 being spread in the community is much greater when there are no restrictions on gatherings or going out.

2.  Maintain good hygiene.  Keep up good hand washing practices, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and drying thoroughly. Cough and sneeze into your elbow. Keep surfaces clean.

3.  Face coverings help keep you and others safe.   Continuing good habits with face coverings will keep you and others safe, even at Alert Level 1 when it’s no longer compulsory.  We encourage you to use face coverings on public transport and when you cannot maintain physical distance from people you do not know, for example in supermarkets.  We have masks available for use if you want them.

3.  Keep track of your movements.  At Alert Level 1, there is still a risk of COVID-19 returning to the community. We encourage you to continue tracking where you’ve been and who you’ve seen to help with contact tracing, if required.  For the Shed that means using our QR code or signing the visitor registers.  




The Shed is open to Members under Level 2 restrictions.  These include:


1. Maximum of 10 people in the Shed at one time. 

This will be on a first come, first served basis and must allow for a Duty Manager.  We ask that Members be considerate of others and make a note on the sign in sheet when they expect to finish. 


2. Keep your physical distance

Keep a metre away from others, two metres is even better!  We have tape measures if you need them ;-)


3. Stay away if you have cold or flu-like symptoms.

Don't forget to cough and sneeze into your elbow.


4. Face coverings are strongly recommended.  

We will have surgical masks in reception and dust masks are also available. Used masks must be taken away with you to re-use or dispose of at home. 


5. We will have a QR code available for scanning but please sign in too (so you can indicate when you will be leaving).​  Please see our Coordinator if you would like help with this.


6.  Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands...regularly.

We have 2 sinks with soap to suit your fancy!  We will also supply sanitizer.  

COVID 19 - LEVEL 3.1

The Shed is closed to Members under Level 3 Step 1.

 COVID 19 - LEVEL 3.2

The Shed is open to Members but not visitors under Level 3 Step 2.

The following rules will apply:

In general

  • No mask - no entry (bring your own, labelled)

  • Do not come in if feeling unwell

  • Max of 10 Members on site at a time (+ Coordinator)

  • Keep your distance from other Members

  • New Members to call rather than visit

  • Use sanitiser and clean tools regularly



  • Scan the QR code (mandatory)

  • Only one person at a time

  • Use sanitizer before using pen to signing 



  • Coordinator to work mostly from home - email or call

  • Respect physical barrier on office entrance


Toilet/Locker Room

  • Only one person at a time

  • Keep mask on

  • Wash and sanitize hands


Lunch Room

  • Only one person at a time

  • Keep mask on

  • Bring your own mug and take it home for cleaning

  • Eat outside


Tool and Electronics Rooms

  • Only one person at a time

  • Use hand-sanitizer before and after handling tools


We are lucky to have fans and doors we can keep open for ventilation in the workshops.  Duty Managers must ensure these are in operation when opening up.

Please see signage around the Shed for any further requirements.



The Shed is closed to Members under Level 4 restrictions.

​Here is a link to the Government website too

And here is a useful link about well-being

Thank you for your co-operation.  Stay safe.

The Shed Committee