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The Shed is open to Members and visitors though there are certain restrictions in place.  These include:

In general

  • Please wear a mask.  It's not just for you, it's for everyone else.

  • Do not come in if feeling unwell

  • Keep your distance from other Members

  • New Members to call rather than visit

  • Use sanitiser and clean tools regularly



  • Use sanitizer before using pen to signing 


Toilet/Locker Room

  • Keep mask on

  • Wash and sanitize hands


Lunch Room

  • Weather permitting, congregate outside


Tool and Electronics Rooms

  • Use hand-sanitizer and sanitize tools regularly


We are lucky to have fans and doors we can keep open for ventilation in the workshops.  Duty Managers must ensure these are in operation when opening up.

Please see signage around the Shed for any further requirements.

​Here is a link to the Government website too

And here is a useful link about well-being

Thank you for your co-operation.  Stay safe.

The Shed Committee

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