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We will shortly provide a duty manager list. 

becoming a duty manager

To help fulfil the safe working and effective functioning of our community Shed, a Duty Manager is required to be present during all opening times.  To be a Duty Manager you must: 


  • have been a Member of The Shed for at least SIX months prior to taking the role

  • be a regular attender

  • have a ‘moderate’ understanding of how most of the tools and machinery work


  • know the Shed’s kaupapa (purpose), Membership expectations and Shed Rules (also available in the Duty Manager’s folder)

  • have undertaken at least one shadowing session with an existing Duty Manager (requirement will depend upon experience and skills)

We welcome Members to inquire about becoming a Duty Manager.  Speak to an existing Duty Manager, a Member of the Committee or our Coordinator for more information.

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