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project acceptance guide

If you are a member of the community and have an item to fix or a project in mind, please have a look at our previous work and get in touch.  We might be able to help you. 


If you are a community organisation, these are some of the things we take into account when considering a community project:  

  • Will it benefit a local non-profit group or local business?  

  • Is it within the capacity of Shed facilities and members’ skills? 

  • Will it provide positive outcomes for the community?

  • Will it compete with local businesses?

Most of our projects are done at the Shed but we may consider work on a site.


To help pay for our overheads, we usually ask individuals for a donation and not-for-profit organisations are charged at a modest hourly rate plus the cost of any materials. 


We ask our customers for permission to include the project in our publicity and request they mention us in theirs.  As the Shed has very limited storage space we are restricted in the size and number of projects we can undertake at any given time. 


For more information, please contact us to chat about your project.

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