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Shed wood workshop

Our shed



Our Shed was originally set up in 2015 as part of  a local community initiative called The Gribblehirst Community Hub Trust in Gribblehirst Park.  The Shed has now separated from that Trust and has formed the Auckland Central Community Shed Incorporated. The Shed occupies the ground floor of the building and Gribblehirst Hub occupies the first floor. 


​We are affiliated with the MENZSHED New Zealand organisation, but operate under our own structure as an independent shed with a wider reaching community focus, including women and younger members, as reflected in our kaupapa (purpose) and our community work.

our spaces

Our Shed is a primarily place for Members to enjoy comradeship whilst being able to carry on their DIY interests.

Our premises, which are leased from Auckland Council, has a total floor area of 400 m sq.  To the left of the lobby entrance, the inner door leads into a large woodworking shop.  In the far corner the footprint of the old Club Bar remains behind which is the old beer cellar that now serves as The Shed's fortified power tool store!  To the left of this is the electronics workshop.  To the right of the lobby, is the office, the all important tea-room and 170 m sq engineering workshop with welding shop attached.

We welcome Members to share our tea-room which has hot water, a microwave, toaster, fridge, etc.  Milk, tea and coffee is provided free of charge and we have a regular morning tea get together around  11.15 am on the days we're open.

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As homes get smaller and more expensive, we often don't have the space for machinery such as drill presses, table saws and a thicknesser.  Our 200 msq woodwork area includes these  machines and many more, as well as a large array of powered and hand tools.


Our engineering workshop is packed with engineering equipment and metal-work machines including a lathe and miller, and equipment for welding.



Our Technology Room is under development but can cater for electronics, media, small model making, sign printing and 3D printing.

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