member expectations

The Shed is a community group which runs as a cooperative, rather than a service and, as such, Shed Members are required to share the work maintaining the facilities. 


To achieve this, we aim to provide different opportunities so Members can contribute their time to fit in with their personal commitments.  We regularly display jobs that need doing in our reception and we encourage Members to talk with the Duty Manager about these.  Look out too for our next ‘working bee’.


Support with maintaining the facilities and giving consideration to others helps us to build a happy, productive and safe Shed community.  Please therefore remember to:

  • work cooperatively and consider the effects you may be imposing on others, such as sound, dust and access

  • spend time helping to maintain and care for our equipment and facilities as if they were their own 

  • be tidy and respect the work of others in maintaining the workshop areas

  • work safely by using safety equipment and following the safety guidelines


To ensure a safe working environment for everyone

  • You must be a current Member of the Shed to use the equipment

  • You must have read and signed the Health and Safety policy* prior to working in the Workshop


  • There must be a minimum of two members on site at all times during hours of operation and have access to a phone

  • Use PPE (ear muffs, eye protection, enclosed footwear etc) in the workshop when operating machinery at all times

  • If you are unfamiliar with machinery ask the Duty Manager and he will personally help, or he will direct you to someone who can

  • If you see someone using machinery in an unsafe way tell them or the Duty Manager or both. Let's keep everyone safe!

  • Report any damage or accident to the day supervisor immediately and recorded in incident register.  We're not looking to blame and shame, we just want to keep stay safe

  • Don’t eat or drink outside the lunch or office areas

  • Smoking is not allowed anywhere in or around the Shed

  • Members must not operate equipment under the influence of drugs including alcohol

*This requirement has been superseded with a ‘Shed Induction’ when Members renew their membership or new when new Members join.


For more guidance on staying safe and well, have a chat with our Health and Safety Rep or check out our Health and Safety page.

Our Shed is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 10 am to 3pm and Wednesday evenings from 7 to 9 pm.

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